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Match That Yarn- A game of yarn inspiration

Match That Yarn

This is a game where you get to imagine a great, new

Sweet Mountain Yarn!  


    • Game runs from October 20 – November 20, 2021 
    • Prizes given for the last 2 stages of the game, as determined by Sweet Mountain Crafts, are non transferrable or exchangeable
    • To participate, you must be 18 years or older.  Pictures must be appropriate and non-suggestive.

What Can I Win:

  • Stage two winners- the photos chosen during stage two will receive a discount code for use in my shop during the remainder of the competition (this will be extended to the purchase of the resulting yarns, if desired); one-time use code per winner
  • Stage three winners-
      • Most Votes- the photo and yarn combo with the most votes will win 2 skeins of the winning yarn, a hexagon pouch of their choice, and some other small treats
      • Judges’ Choice- Sweet Mountain Crafts staff will choose an additional winner to receive the 2 skeins of yarn dyed to match their photo

How to Play:

  • Stage One- Submissions:
      • Submit a “Yarn Inspiration” photo to Sweet Mountain Crafts via Instagram messenger, Facebook messenger, or email
      • Photos should be of clear quality 
      • Pictures must be appropriate and non-suggestive.  Please no outside marketing or branding.
      • All photos to be considered must be received by November 1, 2021
  • Stage Two- Dyeing:
      • Sweet Mountain Crafts staff (myself and my family) will choose what we consider the top 12 inspiring photos 
      • I will work to dye up 2 skeins of yarn to match the colors/theme of each of the 12 photos
  • Stage Three- Voting:
      • The photos and the resulting yarn will be posted to this website by November 15
      • You, and all your friends, will have the chance to vote for your favorite
      • Most Votes and Judges’ Choice winners will be announced November 20

How to Win:

  • Submit photos of clear quality that express a theme or feeling.  Suggestions- beautiful landscapes, impressive scenes, cozy settings, amazing art, etc.  Photographs can be your own or found online. Choose something that displays colors you would love to see in a yarn!
  • Please don’t submit photos of the following (they will not be considered)-
      • Other yarn (those dyers have worked hard, I have no desire to copycat)
      • Pop culture- TV shows, Games, Music labels, Cartoons (these are genres Sweet Mountain Crafts is not interested in at this time)
      • Marketing or branding for other businesses (no matter how big or small)
      • Inappropriate or suggestive images

Have fun!  If you have ever wanted a chance to have a yarn worked up like that one image you saw, this is your opportunity.  Feel free to share this event and add to the excitement by helping spread the word!

Questions or feedback?  Leave a comment below or contact me directly, and I will do my best to get back to you. Thanks!